Did you know you can buy wonky-shaped fruit and veges for much lower prices?

There’s no denying the fact Dubai is an image-conscious city. We’re home to the world’s largest shopping mall, our police drive luxury patrol cars, and we even have our very own font.

Apparently, this obsession with looks extends to our supermarket trolleys. Most Dubai shoppers would turn up their noses at double-legged carrots, gnarled zucchinis and bruised bananas.

But supermarket chain Spinneys is working to change this attitude, by launching a range of “naturally imperfect” fruit and vegetables that you can buy for around 45 per cent less than “pretty” produce from the same sources.


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The aim of the initiative is to reduce food wastage, with one third of the world’s food – approximately 1.3 billion tonnes – heading to landfills each year. Almost half of this waste is made up of fresh produce.

“Fruit and vegetables can grow unevenly for many reasons, including unusual and sometimes unpredictable weather conditions,” said Martin Jorge Aguirre, Spinneys’ commercial manager for fresh produce.

“They are still every bit as delicious, however, and we have decided to show this produce some love by welcoming it into the Spinneys fruit and vegetable displays.”

Don’t forget, on Wednesday – aka DXB Cucumber Dayyou’ll be able to swap a cucumber for a drink at 35 participating bars and restaurants all over Dubai.

You can pick up a misshapen cucumber at Spinneys for as little as Dhs2.75… which equals one VERY reasonably priced juniper-based beverage.

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