Motorists are encouraged to call in and report incidents of dangerous driving

Dubai is sadly plagued with its fair share of pushy drivers. Not only are the actions of people who cut you off on Sheikh Zayed Rd – or tailgate you when you’re driving at the speed limit – a nuisance, they are also incredibly dangerous.

Dubai Police are urging the city’s motorists to help put a stop to this bullying behaviour with its new ‘We Are All Policemen’ programme.

In a statement to Gulf News, Colonel Jamal Bannai, deputy director of the Dubai Police Traffic Department said that if you experience an incident of brash or offensive driving, you should pull over and immediately and report it to the 901 non-emergency number. He further added, “We have cameras on most of the roads and we can check if the offence happened or not,”

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The new programme is in line with the recent changes in the federal traffic law that went into effect on 1 July. These changes, designed to increase road safety and reduce accidents, include it now being mandatory for all people in a car to be wearing seatbelts, as well as hefty fines for ‘Reckless driving that endangers the lives of others’. You can read the full list here.

We reported earlier in the week that these new measures appear to be off to a good start, with fines given out week-on-week dropping by at least 37%. While this is definitely positive news, Col Al Bannai stressed that there is still work to be done to reduce fines further stating “We are not asking for much from drivers, just follow traffic instructions and avoid traffic fines.”

To that end, if you wish to report any pushy or dangerous driving, you will need to first register via the Dubai Police website. You can then call in an incident to 901, 8007777 or 8004353. We’re signing up right now.

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