It’s the world’s highest World Cup scoreboard…

The Burj Khalifa is an iconic building – it’s the world’s tallest tower and a marvel of construction in so many ways, but did you know it’s also home to one giant screen? Well, it’s not a screen as such, but more than 1.2 million pixels (LEDs) that combine to create incredible light shows on the tower.

We’ve noticed the Burj Khalifa has been supporting the World Cup, with score updates on each match and final scores with the winning team’s flag lighting up the tower.

But how does the tower do this? We wanted to find out.

Watch as What’s On becomes the first media outlet to be suspended outside the Burj Khalifa:

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More than 33,000 sticks of pixels cover one side of the tower to create the extraordinary light shows for the public.

An incredible team of brave men are the heroes behind the shows on the Burj Khalifa, heading out to scale the world’s tallest tower on a daily basis, working half an hour at a time, to make sure each pixel stick is in working order.

The pixel sticks are flown in from Canada and are pretty durable, able to withstand temperatures of 80 degrees and were actually physically set on fire in tests. They sit between each window on the tower, therefore not affecting the view of outside for anyone in the building.

Nor do they alter the tower’s look from the outside, as they are neatly placed to become part of the tower’s structure.

Each pixel has a viewing angle of 120 degrees meaning whatever your angle from the Burj Khalifa, the light show is visible.

The light shows have become a famous part of the Burj Khalifa over the past three years. And did you know that in the early hours of the morning, the tower tests new light show designs… so if you’re driving past at 4am in the future, you might be the first to see a new show.

We love the Burj Khalifa just a little bit more after seeing how the light shows are made and displayed!

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