It’s a little bit spooky…

Just outside of the town of Al Madam in the emirate of Sharjah, a village lies abandoned, covered in sand from years of neglect.

According to locals, the village was inhabited by the Al Kutbi tribe but no one is really sure why they left.

The village is small with two rows of houses and a mosque at the top of what supposedly was once the main street running through the village.

Watch as we explore the buried village…

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To visit the village, it’s about 60km from Dubai on the Dubai-Hatta road and for the final stretch you’ll need a 4×4 to get you across the dunes.

Houses lie covered in sand and even the interiors are drowned in the dunes. The village has been empty for decades.

A mosque sits at the top of the village and even in daytime hours is a little spooky as you approach. You’ll notice the silence as soon as you arrive. It’s a far cry from the busy city life of Dubai.

We love finding new places to visit and at the very least, the buried village offers some pretty incredible opportunities for photos. Imagine a world where the entire planet has been covered in huge sand dunes and after a mighty sandstorm… and only little glimpses of life before are still visible.

Now, go and experience it for yourself…

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