It’s for a great initiative that’s celebrated by 140 countries worldwide… 

If you’re an Etisalat phone user, you may have noticed a name change in your network name to ‘Aqdar Sid Etisalat’. The change comes to mark ‘Safer Internet Day’ (SID) – an initiative celebrated on February 11 by nations around the world.

In the UAE, the initiative is officially celebrated by Khalifa Empowerment Program – Aqdar, who organise a number of activities dedicated to the cause during the month of February.

So, what exactly is Safer Internet Day?

With technology advancements on the rise, no one is spared with children even younger than nine owning the latest phones out in the market. However, it is crucial for one, children especially, to be aware of the dangers one may encounter while connected to the internet.

Enter Safer Internet Day – an initiative to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

When one is connected to the internet, they are susceptible to many dangers such as sexual harassment, violation of privacy, and much more due to careless use.

Which is where Aqdar comes in. Throughout the month of February, the organisation hosts a number of activities on how to safely use the internet. It will done in conjunction with many ministries, federal and local authorities and private sector establishments.

So far, the organisation has successfully launched an online educational magazine for parents, children and teachers on the topic, conducted awareness sessions across the UAE as well as social awareness sessions at suburban councils, and much more.

If you want to learn more about Safer Internet Day and how to protect yourself and your family, visit their website here. You’ll find information on the website ranging from things to consider before uploading your child’s photo to the internet, the impact of cyberbullying, the risks of gaming online, and much more.

Image: Getty