The system will detect when vehicles do not give way to pedestrians…

Dubai Police has just announced a new system in the emirate in a bid to monitor the safety of road users in Dubai. The new smart system which will be installed on pedestrian crossings will detect when vehicles do not give way to pedestrians.

The announcement was made on Dubai Police’s official Twitter account.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, the Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police stated that the new smart device would help traffic authorities to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing from designated areas by curbing motorists who do not give them a priority.

Al Mazrouei went on to say that the device would contribute to raising the level of traffic safety and achieve the strategic goals of maintaining road security and reducing run-over cases at pedestrian crossings.

Here’s how it will work 

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The smart device will be solar-powered and connected through high-speed internet to the traffic control system. It will be equipped with sensors which will be able to detect the movement of pedestrians crossing from either sides of the road.

Using smart technology, the device will alert the driver using a red light indicator that they need to stop and give way to the pedestrian. Drivers who do not stop will be recorded and the clip of the violation will be sent to the Dubai Police.

The cost of not complying to the rules? A fine of Dhs500 plus six traffic points.

Al Mazrouei also pointed out that the force works tirelessly to protect the rights of all road users including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, in order to achieve the highest levels of safety, and raise the level of commitment to traffic regulations and laws thus make the emirate’s roads safer.

That being said though, a note to pedestrians: cross only at pedestrian crossings and always wait for the vehicle to slow down before attempting to cross. The fine for jaywalking is Dhs400.

Images: Dubai Police/Getty