The new system will monitor weather conditions and change speed limits accordingly…

If you’re a motorist in Abu Dhabi or make the daily commute there to or from Dubai, listen up. A series of new smart gates – the first of their kind – have been introduced on the Al Ain-Abu Dhabi road, and can fine motorists on the spot.

The implementation of the new smart gates was announced by Abu Dhabi police on its social media and has been in effect since Sunday, March 8. The gates are designed to monitor weather conditions such as visibility and change speed limits in accordance, so motorists have been warned to adhere to the instructions on the smart gate.

Traffic violations captured by the smart gate will include speeding, expired vehicles, undeclared heavy vehicles and violations of not leaving sufficient safety distance between vehicles. Others include stopping on the hard shoulder and parking on the side of the road.

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The penalties for exceeding the speed limit start at Dhs300 for speeds up to 20kph over the maximum limit. The fine for exceeding the maximum speed limit by between 20 and 30kph is Dhs600. Between 30 and 40kph is Dhs700.

Between 40 and 50kph is Dhs1,000. Between 50 and 60kph is Dhs1,500 and six black points, with vehicle impound for 15 days. Between 60 and 70kph is Dhs2,000 and 12 black points, with vehicle impound for 30 days. Between 70 and 80kph is Dhs3,000, 23 black points and vehicle impound for 60 days.

As well as monitoring traffic violations, the new smart gate will also advise on traffic conduct during volatile weather, including guidance on traffic, speed limits and stopping traffic during reduced visibility. Abu Dhabi police asked motorists to follow its official social media for updates.

Abu Dhabi police also stressed the need to renew your vehicle’s license if it’s expired. If caught out, you could be facing a Dhs500 fine, four points on your license and a seven day vehicle impoundment.

Safe driving, people…

Image: @ADPoliceHQ