Look for the clear markers on the floor…

The Departments of Economic Development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have instructed retails sites across their emirates to place clear signage in-store, to help customers practice effective social distancing.

These temporary measures come as part of the UAE government’s comprehensive strategy to limit the potential spread of Covid-19 during the current pandemic.

In-store, floor markers must be placed at intervals of 1.5 metres, showing people where to stand to avoid transmission of the virus. This exclusion zone is an extra 50cm on top of the WHO guidelines for minimum social distancing.

Spacing markers will be placed in those areas where there are higher densities of people, such as queues in front of the tills and reception areas.

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The economic departments have confirmed they will be carrying out inspections of retail sites to ensure operators have put these social distancing measures in place.

Signage in some locations that have already adopted the policy (as in the video above), includes instructions for other best protective practices, like wearing gloves.

We contacted the Economic Department for Abu Dhabi to clarify whether stores would have to source their own signs. They confirmed that signs would not be provided and that it is the responsibility of each retail site to make sure they have correctly implemented the regulations.

These preventative measures must be implemented today, March 22 — although there is no determined duration yet for the requirement.

Image: Unsplash