Just in case you need a little self-isolation inspiration…

With the whole UAE embracing the #STAYHOME message, the What’s On team are sharing their weekend diaries with the simple intention of brain-storming some boredom-busting fun.

Laura says:

I’m living for balcony workouts right now…

Boxing. Yoga. Sound Meditation. Zumba. You name it, I’m trying it. I’ve shifted all my balcony furniture to one side, unrolled the bright orange yoga mat I bought from Carrefour many moons ago, and I’m getting my flabbier-by-the-second backside in gear. There are many UAE-based gyms offering free classes right now so I’m going to use this opportunity to try something new. Right now I’m all about Dance Fit, something I never thought I’d say. You can literally dance like no-one’s watching. Well, except maybe your neighbours…

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Elise says:

Trying out new recipes

I recently downloaded a great foolproof app called SuperCook. You can use the microphone to list the items you have in your fridge and cupboards and the app will suggest easy recipes with the ingredients you have. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen, SuperCook makes it so much easier to whip something up.


Sarah says:

Bend and stretch[y pants]

I’m going to see this whole forced seclusion thing as the perfect excuse to practise more yoga. Or, at the very least, wear stretchy pants every day. There are some great classes online from Dubai studios, but to hold myself accountable, I’ve subscribed to Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga challenge. I’m three days in, and may have already missed two sessions, so let’s just see how this pans out… Stretchy pants strike rate? 100 per cent.

Miles says:

Indoor Olympics, videogames and a little bit of Netflix.

The real Olympics might be postponed until 2021, but this Friday, in my house the Olympic torch will be burning bright. I’ve got a toddler so my priorities on the weekend centre around bonding time, having (vaguely educational) fun and making sure he tires himself out. A mini Olympics ticks all those boxes, so I’ve made up a bunch of medals (none specifically for participation, but there are only three of us, so you do the maths), queued up the official opening and closing ceremony music on YouTube and competing in a full roster of events. We’ll be taking part in a paddling pool relay, plastic plate discus throw, plasticine modelling, elastic band archery, swingball and an interpretive gymnastic floor display to the preselected track Raspberry Beret by Prince. There will also be games of the video variety, too, because even dads need to chill.