Expect dust, mist and some rainfall this week…

Spending a lot more time in your balconies or gardens during this time? You may have to head back inside the house as rainfall is expected across the UAE today, Tuesday April 21.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) in the UAE made the announcement via their Twitter account.

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According to the report, the weather on Tuesday will be dusty and partly cloudy at times, with rainfall expected over the western and coastal areas, extending to some areas in the North. Moderate winds reaching up to 40 kilometers per hour will cause dust and sand to blow during the day.

On Wednesday April 22 the cloudy weather continues during the morning with more chances of rain, which will gradually decrease by the afternoon. Wind speeds are expected to remain moderate, but dust and sand is expected to continue to blow throughout the city.

It will continue to remain partly cloudy on Thursday April 23 and Friday April 24 with a chance of mist formation in Northern areas of the country on Friday. Wind speeds are said to decrease on Thursday, but will pick up again on Friday causing dust to blow.

According to the report, the weather on Saturday April 25 will be humid over some coastal areas. The dusty weather continues with wind speeds reaching up to 38 kilometers per hour. It will continue to be fair and partly cloudy.

Whether you’re indoors, or one of the few driving to work during these days: Stay safe.

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