The announcement was made on Friday night…

The UAE Moon-sighting Committee has announced that Sunday May 24 will mark the beginning of Eid Al Fitr in the UAE.

Sultan bin Saeed Al Badi Al Dhaheri, Minister of Justice, and Chairman of the Committee, made the announcement on Friday night following a virtual meeting in Abu Dhabi.

Since the team could not detect the Shawal month crescent moon on Friday evening, they declared that Saturday May 23 would be the last day of Ramadan, and Sunday May 24 would be the first day of Eid Al Fitr.

Both the public and private sectors will enjoy a five-day weekend to celebrate Eid Al Fitr in the UAE, with work to resume on Wednesday May 27.

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How to celebrate Eid this year

This year, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, UAE residents are being urged to practise social distancing while celebrating Eid Al Fitr.

Catch-ups with family and friends should be done via social media and video conferencing, and there are large fines in place for hosting gatherings (Dhs10,000 for the host and Dhs5000 for each attendee).

The tradition of gifting children cash, called Eid-iya, has also been discouraged this year, as the notes may transfer viruses. Similarly, instead of giving cash to the poor this year, people are encouraged to donate virtually via official charities.

You can still freshen up for Eid with a trip to the hair salon, barber or nail studio, although there’s now a two-hour limit on visits so you may have to forgo the hair colour in favour of a quick trim.

If you’d like to take advantage of the five-day holiday with a quick getaway, book a safe Eid escape with these last-minute staycation deals in Dubai.

Image: Pixabay