There are more than 29,000 UAE residents currently stuck abroad…

In a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, on March 19 the UAE suspended all flights and temporarily stopped any UAE residents who were abroad from returning to the country. Thus far, more than 29,000 UAE residents have been unable to return to the UAE.

Since then, a limited schedule of flights have been running to repatriate any foreigners stuck in the UAE and to allow UAE citizens to return home. There’s been some encouraging news over the last few days though, as it looks like some stranded UAE residents are starting to return to the country.

Over the weekend, a young Australian boy was reunited with his parents in Dubai after more than a month apart. Additionally, a 19-year-old girl was flown back to the UAE from London, to be reunited with her mother. According to The National, it looks like the UAE is also prioritising the return of key workers, such as teachers and healthcare workers.

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A dedicated Facebook page, ‘UAE Expats Stuck Abroad’, has been set up for UAE residents stuck outside the country to communicate with each other. On here, a UAE teacher reported that her and her partner had been contacted to return to the UAE.

Any UAE residents stuck abroad need to fill out a Twajudi form (last updated on April 13) on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) website. Included in the form is reason for being out of the country, preferred flight details and proof of residency.

The form allows MoFAIC to assess the most high-priority cases, such as parents and children who are separated or those with urgent medical requirements. There has not yet been an official announcement on when all UAE residents can expect to return.

As yet, normal scheduled fights with UAE-based airlines Etihad and Emirates are yet to resume. Currently they are offering one-way flights to a number of cities, to allow anyone stuck in the UAE to return to their home countries.

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