Channel the 1970s with a fondue night at home…

While we patiently wait for Bistro des Arts to reopen its doors in Dubai Marina, the team is busy ensuring we can still get our French fix at home.

Starting today, you can order Bistro des Arts’ signature cheese fondue with all the trimmings, delivered straight to your home in Dubai.

The bistro’s fondue is an indulgent blend of imported Cantal, Beaufort and Emmental cheeses. This 1970s flashback comes with a choice of cold cuts or vegetables for dipping, with prices starting at Dhs139 for two people, including delivery.

While we’re all still practising social distancing at home, we reckon this is the perfect excuse to host a virtual 1970s night with your pals. Whip out your best flares, tease that hair into a fluffy ‘fro, and blast out Boney M’s biggest hits as you host a fondue party over Zoom.

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In a way, cheese fondue may be the best iso dish imaginable.

Think about it – when you’re dining on fondue a deux in the privacy of your home, there’s no fear of getting called out for committing the dreaded double dip.

And once you’ve taken your last swipe of molten cheese, you’re only a few steps away from your couch or your bed, where you can slip straight into those wild cheese dreams in peace.

How to fondue

This molten cheese meal is a dining minefield, so follow this fondue etiquette when dipping with a crowd:

  • Tradition dictates that you should start with hunks of bread, before moving onto the other ingredients
  • Don’t scoop the cheese out of the pot with a spoon
  • Don’t eat off your fondue fork – use it to pierce the meat, bread or vegetables, then swipe them through the cheese. Then, use your normal fork to pull it off onto your plate. (Note: if it’s just the two of you, double-dipping rules may not apply, but you’ll have to clear that with your iso buddy)
  • Once you’ve dipped into the cheese, twirl your fork over the pot so the excess cheese drizzles back in
  • Always swirl your fork in a figure-8 movement to keep the hot cheese fresh and creamy



Image: Unsplash