Lifting the safety level of the airport significantly…

Abu Dhabi Airport has installed a touchless keypad system in 53 of its elevators.

Completely cutting out one of the most frequent touchpoints of passengers in terminal buildings.

A massive win for contamination control in the pandemic era.

The system was designed and installed in collaboration with UAE-based tech start-up, Meta Touch.

But how does it work?

Thankfully, it’s not voice-activated.

The idea of hearing that your flight has departed over the PA system whilst you’re stuck in a lift screaming at an Alexa clone that doesn’t understand your accent is a terrifying, but absolutely imaginable eventuality.

These keypads work by registering movement in front of the keypad, without the need for physically pressing any buttons.

Shareef Al Hashmi, chief executive officer at Abu Dhabi Airports said:

“The installation of the new technology across our elevators is a significant development in ensuring the safety of all our guests and travellers. This innovative technology bolsters the extensive safety measures our company has implemented as a regional leader in the airports sector.”

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Safe travels: Abu Dhabi Airport unveils new travel guidelines

And it is just one of several innovative solutions in place to help eliminate potential spread of Covid-19.

Abu Dhabi airport has installed thermal scanning tech, special cleaning robots and set up coronavirus testing facilities.

Last week they released a set of guidelines for those traveling soon.

They include information on what sort of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn, social distancing requirements and how early you should be arriving for those flights.

The work is ongoing, as Al Hashmi explained “We are constantly introducing new solutions at Abu Dhabi International Airport to contain the spread of COVID-19 and deliver a safe, smooth and seamless travel experience for all our customers.”

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