With the world opening up, it’s important we navigate it safely…

Abu Dhabi Airport has shared a series of travel guidelines, to help those planning journeys in and out of the UAE, complete them safely.

If you’ve recently booked a trip or are planning one shortly, you’re advised to add these five simple instructions to your preflight checklist.

Rules to fly by

1. Passengers should arrive no earlier than four hours before the scheduled departure of their flight.

2. Masks and gloves should be worn at all times.

3. Keep a social distance between yourself and other passengers at all times.

4. Check rapid testing requirements for the airline you’re travelling with.

5. For any and all queries, doubts and dilemmas you can call the airport helpline on (02) 505 5555.

Up in the air

Etihad Airways is currently operating special repatriation flights out of the country to a range of destinations until 15th June.

The airline has put together a fact sheet of the requirements and regulations for each destination on its special flight network.

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And Abu Dhabi Airport has confirmed it’s currently in the phase of preparing to resume normal operations.

What about those movement restrictions?

Although there are strict movement restrictions in place for travel into and out of the emirate, as well as between its regions — those with confirmed flight bookings, can still travel to the airport.

You’ll need to fill out a permit and carry proof of your booking with you.


There are also set procedures in place for those heading back into the country, including testing and quarantine.

Whether you’re heading home or away, What’s On would like to wish all passengers a safe journey. And we hope to see you soon.

Images: Unsplash