More entertainment and leisure facilities authorised to open in Abu Dhabi…

In cooperation with the Department of Health, the Abu Dhabi Emergency and Crisis Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic has announced a new batch of approved activities and facilities.

The easing of restrictions applies to restaurants outside malls, hotel beaches and the emirate’s rich network of museums, with capacity capped at 40 per cent.

Malls have also been allowed to increase their intake to match that same 40 per cent capacity.

Before getting the final sign off for reopening, facilities will need to pass an inspection to ensure that they, and their staff are fully compliant with all social distancing and hygiene requirements.

It is also worth noting that public beaches are not included in the new guidelines, and will remain closed until further notice.

New balls, please

With culture, retail, relaxation and gastronomy covered, sports would naturally be the next tick on a reopening wishlist.

A round of applause to those that stuck to a healthy diet and strict exercise routine in self-isolation, but if you’re anything like us, you might have added a few new folds to your frame over the last few months.

The good news is that, as of today, Monday June 1, 2020, certain sporting activities have been given the green light to resume in Abu Dhabi.

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Whilst there was no specific mention of the ‘G’ word (gym), horse riding; cycling; cricket; athletics; golf; tennis; and sailing were all marked as approved to return.

These activities will be limited to an age range of 12 to 60 years old. For their own safety, those above and below this bracket, will currently not be permitted to take part.

Movement restrictions

There have also been some important updates to movement around Abu Dhabi.

As of Tuesday June 2, 2020, travel into, out of, and between regions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi has been suspended

Movement within regions is also restricted by the National Disinfection Programme, between the hours of 10pm and 6am the following day.

Images: Unsplash