The dos and don’ts of air travel in ‘the new normal’…

As UAE airports prepare to welcome back scheduled passenger flights, there are some important rules, regulations and suggestions you need to know, to help you travel safely.

Yesterday Abu Dhabi Airport announced a set of guidelines for anybody traveling through the capital’s AUH airport.

These include making sure you’ve got the right personal protective equipment PPE; how long before your scheduled departure you should arrive; and where to find answers to any specific questions you might have.

Dubai International has now issued its own playbook for what to do if you’re traveling from Terminal 3.

If you’re heading to the airport during curfew hours (currently 11pm to 6am) – you’ll need to be able to show authorities you have a confirmed booking.

Passengers will also need to show they have a genuine ticket to enter the terminal, and must arrive no earlier than four hours before their scheduled take-off. Body temperatures will be checked on arrival.

All passengers must wear masks and gloves, including children. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in you being denied access to the airport.

Social distancing rules apply throughout the airport building, and use of Smart Gates is only authorised for those with pre-approved passports.

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Some retail and food outlets are available for take-away and dine-in, ‘air-side’ but lounges will remain closed until further notice.

DXB also advises passengers to arrive at the designated gate in plenty of time.

Images: Unsplash