Sponsored: The Brydge Pro+ turns Apple’s most advanced iPad into a laptop-eliminating piece of hardware…

The iPad Pro is a game-changing bit of high-tech wizardry in its own right, but snap on the new Brydge Pro+ and it becomes a new level of machine.

Essentially a top-quality keyboard and integrated trackpad for your iPad, the Brydge Pro+ was specifically designed in-line with the iPad Pro’s touch-first experience, a synergistic add-on that enhances functionality whilst sacrificing nothing in style.

The devices are available through brydge.com, their Facebook page and all major retailers (Virgin Megastore, iStyle, Jumbo and more).

Prices start at Dhs809 + VAT for the Brydge Pro+ 11.0 model, or just Dhs619 + VAT for the Brydge Pro 11.0 model (without trackpad).

12.9 editions are Dhs719 + VAT, and Dhs929 + VAT for the Brydge Pro and Brydge Pro+ models respectively.

And with many of us working from home (on laptops that take five minutes to boot-up every time we switch them on), it’s come at just the right time, with units finally in-stock and available for shipping at the end of May.

What the Brydge Pro+ brings to your table

The dark and handsome type — The Brydge Pro+ comes equipped with three levels of LED-backlit keys, meaning you can tap away in low and no-light environments.

Rocking the snapback — There’s a snap-on magnetic cover included to give an added level of security to the back of your iPad.

Always learning — You can download the Brydge Connect firmware updater app, committed to offering regular releases that optimise the trackpad experience.

Choir of angles — The Brydge Pro+ allows for a wide range of viewing angles, from 0-180 degrees.

Nokia-esque stamina — Up to a three-month battery life per charge.


The Brydge Pro+ is compatible with both the 11 and 12.9 inch versions of iPad Pro 2020 and 2018 models.

You can get both the Brydge Pro+ and Brydge Pro models in space grey. The Brydge Pro is also available in silver.

Connectivity syncs up through the latest Bluetooth 5.0

If you’re looking to get the best out of your tech and optimise productivity, Brydge offers some impressive, attractive solutions.

You can order yours now through the brydge.com website and Facebook store.

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