From one-off paintings to limited-edition prints…

If you want to own a unique piece of art to adorn the walls of your home or office space, head on over to The Paintly Store, where you’ll find a treasure trove of creations by local artists.

The website is owned by Emirati artist Maisoon Al Saleh, who created the platform to sell magnificent pieces of art from UAE-based artists.

The online store stocks one-of-a-kind pieces, limited-edition prints and original paintings. And prices start from just Dhs500.

Maisoon, a talented painter herself, has created brilliant pieces of art and established her name here and overseas for her Dubai-inspired works of art.

Maisoon underwater painting

She has even created spectacular paintings while underwater, which propelled her to take part in almost 100 exhibitions around the world including four solo shows.

It was after this that she decided to give back to the local art community and has created an easy-to-use platform where other local artists can showcase their artworks.

Paintings on the website are inspired by the Emirates and celebrate its wonderful culture. The artworks come in a range of mediums, from prints to installations and mixed media.

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If you see a piece you like, you can even get to know the story behind the masterpiece.

The platform also offers an option to customise a mural or painting in your chosen colours, size and style – so your unique piece will fit in well with your decor.

You will even get a certificate of authenticity attached to every purchase, which will be signed by the artist.

Maisoon says “Art is not just decoration, it’s passion, an expression of who we are and a communication to the world.”

She adds that she wanted to create a hub, not just to celebrate her work alone, but the work of the “immense talent pool within the region, to adorn homes, offices and hotels in the UAE with art that was made here.”

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