The extraordinary circumstances of 2020 have inspired one Dubai writer and artist to illustrate our new norms in a collection of honest and charming cartoons…

If you’re like us and quarantine memes are a top source of entertainment, check out Dubai writer and illustrator Stacey Siebritz’s drawings. The talented artist is using her at-home downtime to churn out regular cartoons, depicting this new world we live in, from the tragicomic ways we spend our time at home to things she wishes she could buy online.

‘Drawing has always been a way for me to find some lightness in whatever I’m struggling with, whether that’s stress, anxiety or just general overwhelm,’ explains Stacey.

‘My doodles are inspired by the little details of everyday life, like feeling homesick or loving carbs. When I started sharing them, I was worried about being so open about things like mental health, but it’s been wonderful to hear from people who are going through similar things,’ she added.

Candles in self isolation

The smells we miss to help cover the odour of burnt homemade banana bread…

Speaking of bread, carbs are life right now.

Home workout self isolation

We buy the yoga mat, we pay for the virtual classes… all the good intentions are there.

Video calls in self isolation

Business from the waist up…

Even our pets are bored of us…

Life in the time of uncertainty is a ride of highs and lows.

‘With everything that’s happening right now, and everyone feeling so much fear and loneliness, I hope that my doodles can make people smile, laugh, or just feel less alone.’

To see more of her work, follow her Instagram account at @staceyliezl_scribbles