Precautionary measures have been put in place…

In a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, it was announced on June 24 that all bars and pubs had to stop serving alcohol. Shisha services, as well, have been halted since the middle of May.

However, according to new circulars issued over the weekend, bars can now reopen and shisha can be served provided strict rules and guidelines are followed.


According to an update by the Government of Dubai and Dubai Tourism, dated July 17, bars across the city can now reopen.

However, drinks can only be served to the table. Guests may not order from, or sit at, the bar.

No social gatherings are allowed to take place and social distancing must be met inside the venue.

Drinks will be served in disposable glasses with bottles not permitted unless the establishment has a machine dishwasher. Drinks are not to be shared and accompaniment snacks (such as shared bowls of nuts or popcorn etc) will not be served.

Smoking is now permitted and allowed in designated areas.


According to a circular dated July 18 by the Dubai Municipality, shisha can now be served following strict precautionary measures:

A disinfection schedule is to be put in place to ensure sanitisation of the area and equipment.

Reusable shisha parts such as tongs will have to be disinfected after every client and only a disposable hose can be used.

Water must be changed after each client and the shisha must be disinfected properly.

Staff won’t be able to test the shisha before serving it to the client.

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Visitors will not be allowed in the area for more than three hours.

Groups of more than five are not allowed and customers in the smoking area will have to follow social distancing rules.

The venue must be well ventilated and air suction devices must be according to approved requirements.

The facility must maintain records of the staff and all visitors, regardless if they smoked or not, to assist if contact tracing is necessary.

Guests and staff will have their temperatures prior to entry and staff need to wear a mask at all times.

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