The new trains will be able to carry 696 riders each…

Regular metro user? Get excited because the new metro trains are just a stop away and will be arriving at your station soon.

His Excellency Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the arrival of 50 new Dubai Metro trains on November 7.

From the 50 trains, 15 will be used to service Expo 2020 and Route 2020, while the remaining 35 will be used to improve the level of service of the existing Dubai Metro – Red Line and Green Line.

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So, is there anything different about the new trains?

According to Al Tayer, ‘RTA has introduced extensive improvements to the interior design of the new trains to make them more spacious and comfortable for riders.’

Existing metro train cabins feature a gold class at one end and in the silver class, one cabin is dedicated to women and children with the rest dedicated to general. Back in 2019, the women and children’s carriage was moved to the last carriage (opposite end to the Gold class) and the new metro trains will follow this same layout.

However, according to Al Tayer, changes to the interior have been put in place to increase the metro capacity by 8 per cent.

New Dubai metro trains

‘Seats in the new trains are transversal in the Gold Cabin and longitudinal in both the Silver and the Women & Children Cabins,’ he stated. This change alone increases the rides from 643 per metro train to 696.

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Seats were redistributed at the two sides of the train and the gangway connecting between carriages is now wider.

Other improvements include new designs for grab handles, lighting and the use of new digital advertisement displays.

A new illuminated dynamic line map has been introduced which will be used to indicate the metro route and stations.

The luggage compartment has also received a revamp, to make it useable for standing commuters. Do remember that standing in the luggage compartment on the older metro trains could merit you a fine.

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The new carriages are configured to suit the use of people of determination and the smooth entry and exit of riders.

Seats were redistributed at the two sides of the train and the gangway connecting between carriages has been widened.

The iconic shape and colour of the Dubai Metro will remain unchanged.

Images: RTA