Abu Dhabi’s Green List as opened up opportunities for international spring vacays…

They say ‘the world is your oyster’ and whilst we have a true pearl in our host city Abu Dhabi, international travel options have felt a little more shell-like in the global pandemic.

Closed borders and lengthy quarantine requirements have meant that hopping on a plane for a quick holiday has been a distant dream for most. But thanks to Abu Dhabi’s Green List, there are two destinations you can currently get to with no quarantine on either side of your trip.


The good news is that the corridor to Morocco currently remains open for a third successive Green List renewal. There is zero quarantine requirement for UAE nationals and citizens arriving in the North African country from Abu Dhabi, and because of Green List privileges, no self-isolation on the way back.

Entry Requirements

If you’re thinking about holiday in Morocco you will still need to be aware of the preflight prep steps:

  • Take a COVID-19 PCR test no more than 72 hours before your flight departure time
  • Complete and print a Public Health Passenger Form
  • A printed health declaration form required
  • Confirmed hotel reservation required for tourists
  • An invitation from a Moroccan company required for business travellers

What’s On in Morocco?

Frankly, there are several reasons to give a ‘what’ about visiting beuatiful Morocco.

In Casablanca there’s the stunning Hassan II Mosque, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean; the maze-like Old Medina is well worth a mooch round for gram fodder and bargains on items of curiousity; there’s a corniche because of course there is; the King’s Palace; countless galleries and museums and we’ve already been very clear about our fondness for trajine in previosu posts.

Further affield, there are the Atlas mountains to explore, the kaleidoscopic vibrance of quaint fishing town Essaouira, the riads and market square of of Marrakesh, beach fun and gourmet grilled sardines at Agadir. There’s a lot to fit in, so it’s worth at least considering getting yourself on a guided tour.

Getting there

Direct flights to Casablanca are now available via Etihad Airways.


You can also holiday in Europe’s volcanic dreamscape isalnd, Iceland sans quarantine.

If you’ve been vaccinated (and can show certificate proving both doses have been administered) or a medical certificate proving previous infection with Covid, you won’t need to show a negative PCR test on arrival in Iceland.

Entry Requirements

If you’ve not had the jab, passengers from the UAE with valid tourist visas (or exemptions) for Iceland can still enter if they show a negative PCR test obtained within 72 hours of departure. For full details on the Iceland Air website.

It’s always important to check visa requirements for your nationality.

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What’s On in Iceland?

One of the biggest reasons to find joy in travelling to Iceland is its BIG geography. You can stare in awe at mesmeric waterfalls; kayak through fjords; yomp over glaciers; bathe in geothermic water baths or hyper luxury spas like the Blue Lagoon; try your hand at ice caving; visit the Golden Circle; star-gaze through infinite clear skies; hike through rugged lunar-like terrain; see the Northern Lights (although probably not this time of year, it’s more of a winter thing); or try the local cuisine in the capital Reykjavík. Much like Morocco, there’s a lot to get done, so guided tours are never a bad idea.

Getting there

There are currently no direct flights between Abu Dhabi and Iceland, so you’ll need to take an indirect flight. Our advice is to use flight aggregators like SkyScanner or Kayak, but always ensure to check visa/transit guidelines for the destination where you change flights (and that any baggage will be checked through).

Important note – when preparing for any trip, especially at the moment always check the most up-to-date entry requirements of your destination, and of the territory, you’re departing from.

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Images: Unsplash