The best news? The walkthrough is included in the general admission ticket…

The Green Planet is a tropical rainforest within a bio-dome sheltering colourful birds, reptiles and sloths located in Dubai. If you think that’s cool, a five-minute tropical thunderstorm takes place in the dome twice a day.

Think you’ve seen it all? No, you haven’t because the folks at The Green Planet have now introduced a ‘creatures of the night’ walkthrough where you will be able to see how nocturnal rainforest animals behave when darkness falls.

Nocturnal animals are those that become active during the night and sleeping during the day and with this program, guests will have the opportunity to experience how tropical creatures go about their day-to-day activities in the dark.

‘But, how?’ you may ask? Well, the creatures of the night walkthrough takes place underground where The Green Planet operators have full control over the day and night cycles. So, while the main seven-storey tropical biodome above will be filled with natural sunlight from outside, the animals in the walkthrough underground are experiencing the opposite: complete darkness.

Don’t stress about the animals as they will experience 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness but just at the opposite time of what it actually is outside.

So, what kind of animals will you see? 

the green planet

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Hitting the spotlight will be the Slow Loris family: Lonely, Hope and their baby. They are nocturnal primates with reflective large eyes and ears that allow them to have more sensitive sight and hearing, helping them navigate their way in the dark.

If you didn’t know, the Slow Loris family is among the rescued victims of the illegal pet trade and, they are absolutely adorable.

Visitors will also witness other nocturnal species such as the lace monitor, Burmese pythons, the tokay gecko, marine toads, parma wallabies, the laughing kookaburra and nine adult Carpet pythons.

This walkthrough is included in the general admission ticket, so you won’t be paying extra and have no reason to skip it. You will also get to witness the tropical thunderstorm that takes place at 1pm and 5pm – so, plan your trip accordingly. Tickets will cost you Dhs120 per person and bookings can be made here.

The Green Planet Dubai, City Walk, Dubai, Sun to Sat 10am to 6pm. General admission ticket Dhs120. Tel: (800) 7699,

Images: The Green Planet