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If you look a little further from the city, you’ll find some incredible nature spots in the UAE. One amazing thing about this place are the man-made lakes which can be found amongst the dunes. From interlocking heart shapes to a new crescent moon-shaped lake, here are the most incredible lakes in the UAE.

Love Lakes

Perhaps the most well-known man-made lakes in Dubai, the interlocking hearts of the love lakes have garnered plenty of interest and visitors since it was first revealed a few years ago. The Love Lakes can be found in Al Qudra Oasis and are best seen from an aerial view. On land, whether you’re picnicking, walking or taking in the sunset, it’s certainly a wonderful UAE nature spot to do it in. Nearby at Al Qudra Lakes, you’ll find plenty of flamingos, ducks and swans.

Moon Lake


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A new crescent-shaped lake, now known as Moon Lake caused a big stir when it was recently discovered in the UAE. Revealed during the holy month of Ramadan, the beautiful new lake is not too far from the Love Lakes in Al Qudra. The moon-shape stands out strikingly against the warm hues of the Dubai dunes. You can find it using the co-ordinates 24.7874218, 55.3065662.

Pink Lake

Ever heard of a bright pink lake before? Exactly that was discovered in the UAE back in January, by young Emirati photographer Ammar Al Farsi. The 19-year old student from Sharjah captured shots of the lake in Ras al Khaimah, which can be found in Saraya Islands. According to Dr. Saif Al Ghais, Director General of the Environment Protection and Development Authority in Ras Al Khaimah, “The water discoloration and its transformation to pink is due to the proliferation of red algae, which include more than 4,000 species.”

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Lake of Expo 2020

A huge Expo 2020 lake was unearthed in 2020, in celebration of the much-anticipated Expo 2020 exhibition (which is now due to take place in October 2021). This manmade lake is located quite a distance away from the Expo2020 site. However, if you’re jetting out of Dubai from Al Maktoum International Airport, you may be lucky to catch a bird’s-eye view.

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