Violators will be slapped with a Dhs500 fine…

Abu Dhabi Police have shared information on a new Artificial Intelligence-based radar system in Abu Dhabi, that has been designed to detect motorists not stopping for pedestrians at designated crossings.

The ‘Hazer’ or ‘Hather’ cameras are staged at crossings across the capital and are primed to issue fines of Dhs600 along with six black points for cars that move over the crossing threshold before pedestrians have made it safely to the other side.

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The radars were initially tested through a pilot scheme, where vehicles found breaking crossing rules were sent a message in lieu of a fine. But following a successful trial phase, the cameras are now ready to go live and start issuing penalties to reckless drivers.

It’s all to keep pedestrians safe

Roads are dangerous places for motorists, but they’re also pretty terrifyingly hazardous for other road users to. According to a report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), of the roughly 1.3 million people that die each year in traffic accidents, more than half include vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

And whilst pedestrian crossings have been specifically designed to keep pedestrians safe, they can only fulfill that purpose when the other road users follow the rules.

Abu Dhabi Police also confirmed that it plans to roll out more of these cameras, particularly around pedestrian-sensitive areas such as schools and commercial centres.

Images: Abu Dhabi Police