Every dirham will go to helping dogs in need…

Animal shelters are the unsung heroes of a modern society. Thankfully, the UAE has some of the most caring animal shelters in the world, and we couldn’t be more proud of them. But now more than ever, they need our help. One of the longest running centres in Dubai is K9 Friends Dubai. Established back in 1989, its volunteer-run organisation continues to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned dogs, but it’s constantly filled with  dogs that need homes.

While homing a dog might not be viable option for some residents, there are other ways to help support the shelter.

With mounting bills, food and vet care, the not-for-profit organisation is always happy to receive sponsorship towards keeping this crucial shelter up and running – and now more so than ever…

So, how can you help?

One of the best – and easiest – ways you can lend a hand is by sponsoring a dog at the shelter.

According to the K9 Friends website, it costs around Dhs5,000 on average to care for each dog every year but if you sponsor a dog, you’ll only need to donate Dhs370 per year.

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Watch: See the great work done by K9 Friends dog shelter

If you sign up, you’ll receive a certificate with a photo of the dog you’re sponsoring, a profile with the dog’s likes, dislikes, rescue details, etc, and you’ll even have the chance to visit the dog.

The funds will help the team continue their work in rehoming and rescuing dogs. You can even gift the sponsorship to a loved one or in memory of a beloved pet.

Alternatively, for Dhs1,050 per year, you will help maintain a dog and its kennel for a full year. If you sponsor a kennel, your name (or company name) will appear on a board at the dog’s kennel for a period of 12 months.

‘Every dirham counts’, says the K9 team, and so you can even offer up as little Dhs50 to help the organisation, which will help in the general upkeep of the shelter. You’ll receive digital postcard of thanks.

The great work done by volunteers at K9 Friends makes a huge difference to the stray dog community but the best way to help not only them but the number of pups at the organisation is to avoid buying puppies from breeders. Remember – adopt, don’t shop.

For more information, and details on how you can help today, read more here