Sailing in Dubai is becoming more affordable and accessible thanks to the Wind Rises community, here’s how our first time went… 

If you want to learn an exciting new hobby with friends or make the most of the stunning Arabian Gulf from a unique perspective, then Wind Rises’ sailing experience is a great place to start. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or dipping your toes into the world of sailing for the first time, this experience promises thrills, stunning views, and a whole lot of joy.

Located in DP World’s Port Rashid Marina, Wind Rises offers affordable and accessible sailing lessons for groups of two to six people, led by expert instructors, starting from just Dhs200. No exclusive yacht club membership required.

Before summer kicks in, my good friend (who is a non-swimmer) and I decided to push our limits and explore the outdoors in a way we never had before. The marina, with its range of facilities including cafés, washrooms, changing rooms, also makes for a dreamy spot to watch the sunset post-sail.

Before we hit the water, we had a quick brief to learn the ropes (quite literally) from our experienced and passionate instructor. Naturally we had some questions, and naturally it was, “can the boat tip over?”, to which our instructor assured us that it is impossible for this particular boat, a Fareast 28R keelboat, to capsize.

Life jackets on, we set sail, wind in our hair and sun on our faces, through the marina and out into the crystal blue waters. In no time at all, we were sailing along at high speeds, tacking (changing direction) by ourselves, hoisting up the jib, and carefree sitting on the edge of the heeling (tilted) boat.

As we zoom across the horizon, floating between sea and sky, I’m surprised I’ve never tried this experience in Dubai before. The feeling of adventure, the adrenaline rush, the lapping of the waves, and the skyline in the backdrop, it’s something you can’t forget easily.

In that moment, I realise that I haven’t thought anything about the stresses of day-to-day life since we left dry land. Sailing forces you to be fully present and that’s a rare find in today’s world. It’s an escape and an adventure, I love the sailor version of me.

Wind Rises, Port Rashid, Dubai. Weekdays from Dhs200 per person, weekends from Dhs380 per person. From Dhs1,020 for full boat. Tel:(0) 58 106 50 26. @windrisesdubai

Images: Provided