As announced by the Integrated Transport Centre…

In a bid to ensure the safety of delivery drivers and the general public, the transport authority of Abu Dhabi announced new road rules to be followed.

ITC Abu Dhabi issued a tweet to announce the new regulatory procedures and decisions that have been introduced.

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As per the new rule introduced, delivery bikes are allowed to ride exclusively on the right lanes of roads with speeds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour.

For three-lane roads, delivery motorcycles are permitted to ride on two lanes from the ride side with speeds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour. The same rule applies to four-lane streets, whereas on five-lane roads, delivery drivers can ride on the three right-most lanes with speeds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour.

According to The Joint Committee for Traffic Safety, ‘the decision is in line with the framework aiming to regulate traffic movement on roads and maintaining a high level of safety for all road users by limiting dangerous driving of delivery motorcyclists.’

The committee cited that the new rules will help stop drivers from speeding on busy roads and highways, not using signals or following road instructions, driving on the wrong side of the road, suddenly swerving and more.

The plan is part of an integrated project that seeks to reduce the number of traffic accidents that may lead to the injury or death of drivers. A number of decisions will be implemented on roads and intersections in Abu Dhabi, including reviews of road speed limits.

Images: ITC Abu Dhabi