The full series will drop on September 15, 2023…

When the hugely successful property show, Million Dollar Listing was looking for its first international location, it probably didn’t take long to decide on a move to the UAE.

With great canyons of towerscape, gold leaf everything, supercars and mega yachts – luxury, refinement, and audacious spacious opulence sewn into its DNA, it was always going to be the logical next step.

Property broquérs

If you haven’t seen the original show (Originally Million Dollar Listing, now Million Dollar Listing: LA), the name probably still gives the concept away. It’s a softly dramatised look at the brokers, market stokers and fabulously wealthy clients who make up the ultra-luxe property market.

You can expect much of the same high floors, high stakes, and high tempers that we’re used to from the OG American version (which began way back in 2006), just with a unique ‘habibi, come to Dubai’ twist.


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You’ll be able to invest yourself in the show on streaming platform Starzplay (Dhs40 per moth), from September 15. And you won’t have to wait until the next week to watch it because in the sprit of true Arabian hospitality, everything from the whole series will be available to you, immediately.

We can’t wait to drop jaws at the price of palatial Palm villas, yell crikey at the cost of Corniche condos and just generally giggle at new arrivals trying to pronounce certain location names. We haven’t mastered the language of course, but hopefully you won’t catch us saying ‘Abby Dabby’ any time soon.

This bi-lingual version of the show is set to include a cameo from Million Dollar Listing: LA legend, Josh Altman along with brother Matt. The UAE version will also feature experienced estate agent Ben Bandari, newbie Zay Brown, Nassira Sekkay, Rami Wahood and Riad Gohar. The potential for great TV is skyscraper high.

Talking about the news, Maaz Sheikh, CEO of STARZPLAY said: “we are proud to bring this UAE reality series “MDL UAE” to the global audience. This show not only offers a fascinating glimpse into the glamorous world of high-end real estate but also showcases the unique blend of cultures, languages, and aspirations that define the United Arab Emirates.”

“As a STARZPLAY Original, this series underscores our commitment to delivering exclusive and captivating content to our fans, further solidifying our position as a leading entertainment platform in the region.”

From Steptember 15,