Hatta meets winter plans, and it’s a match made in outdoor fun heaven…

Winter season in the UAE means it is time for residents and visitors alike to shake off the remnants of the summer and finally get back outdoors. And we don’t just mean the popular outdoor activities in the city of Dubai, we’re talking about picture-perfect Hatta.

The beauty of this picturesque mountain city is common knowledge, but no matter how often you do the road trips, camping trips, and overnight visits –  they truly never get old.

JA Hatta

Don’t want to waste a second? This year, the magical land of getaways has officially and fully reopened for the winter today, on September 15. Many of the destinations including the Hatta Resorts, Hatta Campsite and the fun experiences had been closed for the past few months.

The details

The entirety of the Hatta Resorts – which includes the Sedr Trailers, the Damani Lodges, the Caravans and the Domes, has reopened for the winter season this September.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make a summer staycation trip to the mountains, the JA Hatta Fort Hotel and the Hatta Holiday Homes have been taking reservations throughout.

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On the fun side of things, there’s a whole host of activities and adventures you can get stuck into while you’re there like hiking, horseback riding, paragliding, kayaking and mountain biking.

It’s also home to mountain biking, zip lines and axe throwing for the adventurous outdoors fans, and pony rides and net walks for those that prefer less adrenaline-pumping activities.

Can’t wait to plan out your fun adventures? You can explore all the places to stay, and check out all the exciting things to do in our complete guide to all the essentials of your Hatta trip.

For bookings and more information, head to visithatta.com

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