It’s starting to cool down…

Or so we hope. The chilly season seems like a bit of a fantasy in a place like Dubai, perennially suffering from summer syndrome, but a dip in temperatures is coming soon. Even if it’s just the absence of heat – we’ll take it with open arms.

The first thing on your winter to-do list must be to visit all the exciting outdoor attractions in Dubai reopening for the new season. These outdoor spots closed their doors for the summer (all sweat and no fun) but are gearing up to welcome visitors once again when its cooler.

Here are all the cool attractions in Dubai reopening at the end of the summer

Global Village Dubai

Global Village fireworks

When: October 18

Everyone’s favourite family fun destination closes every year for summer before reopening as the cooler months roll around. This year is no different. Global Village Dubai is officially slated to reopen on Wednesday, October 18. As always, it will be open for six months, before closing on April 28, 2024. You have six months to shop, play and dine on delicacies from around the world, all while you immerse yourself in a melting pot of culture.


Dubai Safari Park

dubai safari park

When: August 18, 2023 (TBC)

An outdoor space like no other, Dubai Safari Park gives you a chance to get up close and personal with an incredible variety of wildlife. The 119-hectare site houses 3,000 animals. 78 species of mammals, 50 types of reptiles, 111 kinds of birds, as well as amphibians and invertebrates. It’s divided into four different villages and offers numerous experiences for you to get into the field. The date of reopening is yet to be confirmed, but when we tried to book tickets, dates were unblocked for August 18, but it is yet to be officially announced


Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

When: TBC

One of the most popular Dubai attractions, Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden. It is quite the spectacle featuring 150 million flowers in full bloom spanning over 72,000 square metres. The colourful heart-shaped arches that we’ve all seen all over social media will once again become the backdrop for Instagram photoshoots galore. The garden usually opens between late October and early November, so stay tuned for the updates.


Dubai Garden Glow

dubai garden glow

When: TBC

Located inside Zabeel Park, Garden Glow is a wonderland of lights and light displays. It’s divided into five different parks, each with it’s own theme, and includes everything from glowing life-like dinosaurs to architecture, giant flowers and wildlife. The attraction closed in July to beat the heat and will be back in September with new experiences and themes to captivate visitors. Exact dates are not yet confirmed, but will be announced soon.


Hatta Wadi Hub


When: September 15

There isn’t a spot quite as naturally beautiful as Hatta in Dubai, with it’s stunning views and it’s exciting experiences to be one with nature. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, it is truly a retreat and best enjoyed when the temperatures go down. Of course, up in the mountains, it will be delightfully colder, so you don’t want to miss out this chance. Camping under the stars, kayaking and more smashing adventures await. Bookings for all the hotels will reopen on September 15.


The Ripe Market

ripe market

When: October 14

The Ripe Market is the place to be for all your local and whole foods, fresh produce, small business and family fun needs. The outdoor location at the Academy Park officially closed for the summer in May, and in good news for all our outdoor markets lovers, it will reopen on October 14 for another season. There’s much to do at the Ripe Market, with pop-up stalls, food vendors, classes and workshops, entertainment and more. You can be part of the fun every weekend.


Images: Supplied