What’s On has a news update on the World Islands Dubai project, and specifically Europe. Seawings plans fly-bys over the temperature controlled islands. 

The flight time from Dubai to Europe could be about to get a lot shorter.

A deal is said to have been struck between the developer behind the Heart of Europe, a resort within Dubai’s World Islands archipelago, and a seaplane tour operator.

It’s a significant step forward for the stalled project, which was re-started at the end of last year.

Seaplane tour operator Seawings told The National it would be promoting tourism to The World, with Heart of Europe guests getting preferential rates on flights over the man-made islands.

“This partnership offers prospective investors in Dubai and Seawings passengers a completely unique way to experience The World,” Chief Executive Stuart Wheeler said.

The Heart of Europe resort is spread over six islands within The World, each inspired by a picturesque European destination and featuring cobbled streets, bustling plazas, and grand architecture.

The first passengers to fly over the development will be able to see the burgeoning Germany Island, which is already in progress.

The main island, named Europe, will feature elements of Vienna, Rome, Andalusia, and the Cote d’Azur, while separate islands will take their cues from Monaco, Sweden, Switzerland and St Petersburg.

The ambitious project will incorporate outdoor climate controlled streets, the world’s largest open aquarium, and an entire five-star hotel devoted exclusively to weddings.

The developer is even working on creating streets lined with rain and snow, to further capture the changeable climate across Europe.

Phase two of the project, Sweden Island, is due to launch next month.

Described as “visually spectacular”, the planned development will feature landscaped gardens and spacious modern villas along the shoreline.