What’s On reviews the new burger joint in Dubai, Moylos in Jumeirah. Find out about this new burger restaurant in Dubai and the other best burgers in Dubai.

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From the kooky, quirky signs on the walls, to the jam jars for drinks and table legs made out of compressed cans, everything about Moylos, the new burger joint in Jumeirah, oozes cool. Almost too cool. But it needn’t worry about the details, the food stands up to inspection.

There is just about space for 12 to 15 in-house diners, all of them pondering a tiny menu – just five styles of burger and two sides. But that’s all it needs. It’s real strength is in the buns, soft, almost Brioche-like in texture, with a hint of sweet, sandwiching a thin patty. It’s all very American. In a good way.

The signature burger comes with onion rings and a secret sauce, while there’s also Honey Bee (BBQ and bacon), Hot Chick with coleslaw, Chicken Run, and the oh-so-bad but oh-so-good Cheese Attack which sees the meat stuffed with cheese and layered with caramelised onions. All come in at around the Dhs40 mark.

For a treat, it seems rude not to tuck into truffle fries (Dhs18) or wash it all down with a salted caramel milkshake.

So what about those signs? There’s the thought-provoking, though slightly misguided when you consider the moorish food, ‘We don’t haver WiFi, so talk to each other’, as well as ‘If case of fire, freak out and run like a hell’. There’s also rules, the third of which is ‘Eat more than one burger’. You didn’t need to tell us twice.

Moylos, Beach Road, Jumeirah 3 (after Sunset Mall) Dubai; daily midday to 11pm. Tel: (04) 3883140.