What’s On has the official movie from the Dream Jump Dubai event launched by Skydive Dubai and XDubai. See people base jumping in Dubai.

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For two weeks, we gazed upwards to the top of Dubai Marina’s Princess Tower, watching as some of the world’s most extreme athletes leapt from a platform and careered down a zip line.

And now, as our stomachs still turn from just watching from ground level, the official video has been released, showcasing quite what an incredible event it was.

The two-minute short gets up close and personal with base jumpers, zip-liners and all sorts, showing that simply jumping doesn’t really cut it anymore. We see people doing chin-ups before just dropping out the sky, ‘friends’ simply throw each other off, and someone zips feet first. 

Over 10km rope were used to help make the stunt possible, as well as the specially constructed platform jutting eight metres out from the top of the tower, 400 metres above ground.

Organisers plan to run the event again next year.

Watch it for yourself below…