What’s On has incredible videos of parkour enthusiasts in the UAE. Watch as these stuntmen scale buildings and skycrapers in Dubai.

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1) Side-hang stunt

We’ve been a fan of Abudi Alsagoff ever since he backflipped over a copy of What’s On magazine back in June, but the Malaysian daredevil hasn’t sat still since then. Here he is on top of one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, effortlessly hanging from the side of its scaffolding.


2) Moving truck stunt

Shot in the desert outside of Dubai, Abdulla Omar Alali’s short film was published on the official Bear Grylls Adventure YouTube Channel, a series which highlights the great and the good of extreme sports around the world. Entitled ‘Carkour’, a play on words of the growing athletic discipline of ‘parkour’, it shows the 21-year-old using a Toyota pick-up as the platform for a series of leaps, flips and tricks. It cranks up another notch when, after consultation with a driver, the martial arts master is shown doing a handstand on the side of the tilted vehicle.


3) Bastikiya stunt

This Red Bull video has over four million hits and it’s easy to see why. Joined by Kuwaiti Parkour athlete Mohammed Al Attar, Ryan Doyle explore the roots and history through Dubai’s bastikiya area. Although it’s mainly filled with rooftops, ironically it keeps him grounded and makes him appreciate every adventure he “jumps” or “flips” into.


4) Leap of faith stunt

Oleg Sherstyachenko, a professional stuntman, posted a short clip on his Instagram page of his latest stunt at the Sofitel Hotel in Dubai Marina. The video shows the daredevil hopping across the small triangular platforms jutting out from the side of the building, hundreds of feet above the ground.

clean your mind . just relax it’s 43 floor #unbelievable

A video posted by @olegcricket on


5) Abu Dhabi stunt

Parkour enthusiasts Iyad Al Mrouj, Stephen Moss and Mohammed Ghanim from UAE Parkour posted a video of the trio demonstrating their free-running skills across the capital. The video was shot on the first day of Ramadan while two of the athletes – and the whole filming crew – were fasting. The video captures the boys performing backflips and somersaults inside Adrenagy training club in Khalifa park, before free-running outside along the corniche. Despite battling heat and humidity, the boys clearly love what they do: ‘Parkour is about overcoming obstacles, and to us, the heat was just another obstacle to overcome.’