It’s set to be another week of unsettled weather…

The UAE is set to experience heavy rain and thunderstorms again this week, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). As per the forecast for the week from Sunday April 28 until Saturday May 4, visitors and residents can expect rain of varying intensities, as well as thunder and lightning later in the week.

According to a post on X by NCM, at the start of the week, expect connective rain clouds to form, creating the possibility of rain and even some hail over eastern parts of the country. This may extend over some internal and western parts of the UAE as we move into Tuesday and Wednesday daytime.

According to NCM, from the evening of Wednesday May 1, we can expect connective clouds associated with moderate to heavy rainfall over scattered areas through the UAE. There’s a chance of thunder and lightning across some areas from Wednesday night through to Thursday, and a probability of hail too. It’s likely to start from the west on Wednesday night, extending across most areas on Thursday, centering over western, coastal, and some eastern areas.

By Friday, things look set to improve, and as we go into the weekend the clouds will decrease gradually, with a chance of light to moderate rainfall in certain areas, particularly in southern and eastern parts of the UAE.

The NCM further warns that seas will be moderate and rough at times, particularly in the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman.

The unsettled forecast as we move into May follows unprecedented weather conditions seen across the UAE in April, when the country recorded its heaviest rainfall since records began. However, this week’s weather is set to be much less dramatic. Speaking to Khaleej Times, Dr Ahmed Habib, a weather specialist at NCM assured residents that it’s not anticipated to be the same rainfall witnessed on April 16. “This will not be like last time’s situation. This will be completely different,” he said.

Image: Getty