Ah, rooftop climbing videos.

You know the ones – pesky daredevils get on the top of ridiculously high structures and then give you sweaty palms by either leaning over, dangling over, or in this case nearly hoverboarding over the edge.

Well that’s what Dubai-based Russian national Oleg ‘Cricket’ Sherstyachenko has done.

Obviously, we don’t recommend trying this at home. Or on a skyscraper. Or anywhere for that matter.

If you’re curious though and love a good cringe, here’s the video:

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The stunt is one of many of Cricket’s in Dubai. He’s part of Russia’s Bankai Organisationwhich is a group of acrobats known for their unique and stunt shows. According to their website, the group combine “classical acrobatics, contemporary disciplines (parkour, freerun, tricking) and hi-fi show technologies.”

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You may recognise Cricket from his rooftop jumping videos:

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Then of course there was the time he planked over a few hundred metres drop…

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Oh, and dangling from various precipices.

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Or, just climbing really, really tall stuff.

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Finally, the classic tiny ledge backflip.

Photos/Videos: Instagram/@olegcricket

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We think it goes without saying though that performing such feats on the roofs of giant skyscrapers is seriously dangerous and a remarkably bad idea.

What Oleg does requires a massive amount of strength and balance, and chances are he’s a lot better (and has a lot more audacity) than you do.

So please don’t go feeling inspired and run off to scale the Burj Khalifa.