Ever dreamt about being strapped to a harness and lowered down over prizes in a giant claw machine?

Well, us neither really – but that’s not to say it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

That’s precisely what’s been set up inside Burjuman Mall, where visitors can become a human arcade game.

Yeah, it’s legit. The prizes are pretty legit too.

We’re not talking stuffed plushies you’ll never cuddle, or bouncy balls you’ll use once and then lose forever, oh no.

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What can I expect to win?

We’re talking fashion, beauty and jewellery vouchers from Carters, Collette, Cotton On, Forever 21 and more worth Dhs23,000.

If fashion and beauty isn’t your thing, how about electronics from Sharaf DG worth Dhs8,000?

Not enough? Maybe some travel vouchers from Al Futtaim Travels worth Dhs2,000 will change your mind.

claw machine burjuman

“Aw, I wanted a Playstation from Sharaf DG. Not a Dhs50 voucher for Forever 21. I’m not even 21.”

There’s also a bundle of food and beverage vouchers from California Pizza Kitchen, Café Barbera, McDonald’s, Marrybrown, Noodle House, Subway and Wrapchic worth Dhs8,100.

Here’s the machine in all its glory:

Alright, so how do I play?

Well first, you’ve got to spend at least Dhs300 on a weekday and Dhs400 on a weekend inside the mall to participate. Unfortunately, even if you’ve spent Dhs5,000, you only get one shot.

Just show your receipts to the Customer Service Desk and they’ll give you a ticket. The ticket should be redeemed on the same day.

The game can be played from 12pm to 10pm daily until October 17.

You’ve got to be 12 to play (sorry kiddos), and those aged 12 to 18 need to be accompanied by an adult (sorry teenagers).

One person will be the claw (the fun part), while the other controls the claw (sorry parents, younger siblings, etc…)

Oh, and participants take part strictly at their own risk. So don’t go ramming your older brother or partner into the side of wall for jokes.

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Images: YouTube/Burjuman UAE