The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes. It’s been recalled, naturally. Here’s what’s happening in Dubai…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looked pretty sweet right? It’s got the little pen thing, it’s waterproof… it’s just that oh, sometimes it explodes.

Following reports from the US, Taiwan and South Korea that the phone occasionally catches fire while charging, Samsung have issued a worldwide recall on all Samsung Galaxy Note 7s.

To put it into perspective, there have only been 35 reported cases of explosions (while millions of phones have been sold).

samsung note dubai

“Hello? Yes it’s me, your toasted ear.”

So what’s happening in the UAE?

Samsung Gulf have pulled all the existing stock from the market while trying to identify which units are affected.

Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection in the UAE Ministry of Economy said that Samsung Gulf has been contacted and the company has agreed to exchange or replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices sold in the UAE (that’s around 19,000 units so far).

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The process for replacing the already-purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices has not yet been decided by Samsung Gulf.

Al Nuaimi also urged customers not to use the Note 7 until a safe replacement has been issued.

Here’s their official statement: “For customers who already have Galaxy Note7 devices in the Gulf market, we will voluntarily replace their current device. To ensure a seamless replacement experience for our customers in the Gulf region, Samsung Gulf Electronics is currently reviewing the optimal process to perform the replacement.”

samsung note dubai

“This phone is lit!” Famous last words.

What replacement services can we expect?

For those who’ve already bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we’re still waiting to hear what the refund options are in the UAE – we’ll let you know as soon as we know.

But, as an idea, the options so far for US customers are:

Exchange a Galaxy Note 7 for a new one – if you don’t mind a three-week wait.

Exchange your Galaxy Note 7 for an S7 Edge, and replacement of any Note 7 specific accessories with a refund on the price difference.

It’s a little annoying, we know. You just picked up your neat-o little gadget and now you’ve got to give it back, boo hoo.

Samsung are probably a bit more sad than you are, though. The combined cost of the recall is looking to erase a cool Dhs13 billion off Samsung’s smartphone revenue this year, and cut smartphone profit margins by 1.5 per cent.

For any further enquiries, you can call the Ministry of Economy, who oversee consumer protection, on (600) 52225.

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Images: YouTube/Ariel Gonzalez, Samsung