The move comes in order to promote safer driving and a better customer experience…

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) have just announced that they have installed surveillance cameras in all 10,684 of their vehicles in the Public Transport Agency across the city, in order to promote safer driving and a better customer experience.

The new surveillance system aims to monitor drivers’ professional and ethical behavior, ultimately to help develop and improve the Dubai taxi service for both passengers and drivers.

It’s thought that the implementation will also encourage safer driving, with drivers’ road standards being monitored while you’re in the vehicle. If you’ve ever had a journey that’s taken way more time and a higher fare than it should, the cameras will help monitor this too, which should help to reduce traveller complaints in the future.

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Khalid Al-Awadhi, Director of Transportation Systems Department at the Public Transport Agency, said “Surveillance cameras have been installed on the total of 10,684 taxi fleets, in order to ensure that drivers comply with the rules and principles of professional and ethical performance.”

He continued, “It motivates them to observe the best behavior to deal with taxi users, explaining that these cameras can be consulted in the case of any excesses during travel trips, which limits the presence of any complaints and observations by the users of the service, and the camera system works through sensors Immediate form when the rise of the passenger vehicle to taxi”.

The surveillance system was first introduced back in 2017 and has slowly been implemented in Dubai taxis across the city.

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Images: Dubai Media Office