The new model of phone is available in UAE for Dhs5,999…

If we go on a little trip down memory lane to 2005, most of us will remember the Motorola Razr flip phone. Arguably one of the coolest mobile phones on the market, you could get it in silver, black and even hot pink.

Well, fast forward 15 years to the year 2020 and Motorola is back with a streamlined new version of the iconic phone. The new Razr was launched in the region with a stunning drone show video that took place above Dubai.

In the one-off show, a swarm of drones took to the Dubai sky to create a breathtaking spectacle telling the story of the new Motorola Razr. It is described as ‘the world’s first clamshell-style flexible display smartphone that folds completely’.

The new model retails at Dhs5,999 in the UAE and is available to pre-order now, exclusively at Etisalat and Du.

The video starts with the drones taking flight in synergy, before showcasing some of Dubai’s most iconic buildings; Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Khalifa. The clever drone pilot then rearranges the colourful gadgets to show off the new device. A few seconds later, the flashing drones reposition to display the Motorola logo and the phone’s hashtag #feeltheflip.

So what can we expect from the new Motorola Razr?

Described as an industry first, the phone has a zero-gap hinge which allows both sides of the flexible display to remain flush which it’s closed. It’s also water-resistant and splash proof, so no worries about getting the perfect Dubai poolside selfie.

When it’s open, you’ll get a 6.2-inch ‘Flex View’ display, and when you’re done with it, just snap it shut. On the exterior, you’ll find a 2.7-inch interactive ‘Quick View’ display so you can make calls, reply to messages, take selfies and lots more.

We might have to set our new ringtone to Kanye West’s 2005 hit Gold Digger so it really feels like a nostalgia trip…


Images: Provided