More great news for the environment…

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has achieved record-breaking results with its Green Economy strategy. The RTA successfully beat its targets for reducing its carbon footprint, cutting down by the equivalent of 102 tons of carbon dioxide.

RTA also saved 45 million gallons of water, 30 million litres of fuel and 39 million kilowatt-hours thanks to its fifth strategic goal, relating to safety and environmental sustainability.

In order to achieve this significant reduction, RTA implemented 46 projects and initiatives. “Projects launched included broadening the use of solar power, using electric buses, deploying hydrogen fuel/electricity-powered taxis, fitting power-saving streetlights, expanding the scope of online services, and recycling used carwash water,” said Nada Jasim, Director of Safety, Risk, Regulation and Planning at RTA’s Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector.

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In addition to these positive steps towards helping the environment, the UAE’s air pollution levels have also significantly dropped. This can be attributed to the National. Sterilisation Programme which kept residents confined to their homes.

The lack of cars on the roads and planes in the skies meant that the level of nitrogen dioxide has been reduced. In Abu Dhabi, this has dropped by as much as 78 per cent.

Image: Twitter