UAE leaders must protect people’s health and the economy…

Yesterday, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, outlined his plans for the future of the UAE in a government meeting titled, ‘Preparing for the post-Covid-19 period’.

More than 100 government officials, ministers and managers joined the remote meeting, which is being held over three days. The leaders have been tasked with creating a roadmap for recovery in the UAE.

In opening the second session on Monday, Sheikh Mohammed declared that their mission was to make the UAE’s recovery the fastest in the world.

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“Today our goal is not only to protect people’s health, rather, our goal is to protect the economy, protect the gains and protect a decent life,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

“My confidence in you is great. The main task today is for us to advance the Emirates faster than any country in the world.

“Today we have the federal government team, the local government teams, and I would like to call you all the Emirates team.

“The goal is to draw up a plan for the UAE after the Covid-19 virus crisis … a plan that will ensure that we are the fastest country in recovery.”

Over the three-day meeting, the group will focus on six key areas of recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. These include health, education, the economy, food security, society and government.

The local leaders have been joined by international experts, as they discuss the best ways to propel the UAE economy while ensuring the safety of its residents at all times.