Drive carefully out there UAE…

You probably don’t need us to tell you that it’s hot, humid, and dusty out there right now. Which, coincidentally, is exactly how we like our cappuccinos if anyone is feeling generous.

Dust being the chocolate powder of course, not desert grit.

But it’s worth taking note that the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued a country-wide yellow alert (be aware) for ‘dust in suspension’ which can reduce ‘horizontal visibility’ to less than 1,500 metres.

That’s important news for anybody planning any urgent trips out by car.

The NCM alert warns that visibility will be impaired until 12pm, midday when things are set to start getting a little clearer.

If you sensed there was a bit of a gearshift in temperature over the past weekend, you were not alone. The mercury maxed out at sweltering 46.4ºC on Saturday — recorded in Al Tawi at 2.15pm. Scorchio.

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For those looking for somewhere to escape the heat, we discovered last week that cinemas had begun to reopen.

And there’s always Ski Dubai — which has also opened its doors once again.

Or if you’re prepared to put some mileage into your quest for cool, Jabal Jais enjoyed the lowest recorded temp of the weekend, a blissfully mild 23.1ºC.

You could, of course, just go inside literally anywhere with AC — but then you wouldn’t get those views or IG check-in bragging rights.

Images: Pixabay