The helmets can measure the body temperatures of multiple individuals at the same time…

At a recent blood donation drive in the capital, Abu Dhabi Police came equipped with a new piece of kit.

Their new smart helmets use artificial intelligence (AI) to isolate and measure the body temperatures of multiple individuals at the same time.

Feedback is then channeled into the visor display, where officers can check to see if there are any signs of fever.

Fever with elevated core temperature is one of the early symptoms of viral infections like Covid-19.

Similar headgear has already been rolled out for police patrols in Dubai.  And static thermal cameras are deployed across the UAE in airports, malls, as well as updates to the network of smart CCTV cameras in the country.


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The AI element of the device is also able to use facial recognition algorithms to help identify individuals.

This information can then be relayed to central command teams that can run background checks and update records.

In the last 24 hours, there have been important updates to the National Sterilisation Programme. These include new restrictions on the hours residents are permitted to leave the house, and a revised fine structure.

Nonurgent movement out is now forbidden between the hours of 8pm and 6am the following day. And fines for not following guidelines range from Dhs500 to Dhs50,000. 

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