That overseas summer holiday just got a whole lot closer…

On June 15, the UAE government announced that certain residents and citizens would be allowed to travel overseas, starting June 23.

Last night, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) shared a list of protocols for anyone wishing to travel out of the UAE. According to WAM news agency, NCEMA spokesperson Dr Saif Dhaheri outlined the various categories for international destinations, saying:

“Travel will be allowed to certain destinations according to a strategy that has classified all countries of the world into three categories: the first is classified as low risk nations, to which all citizens and residents are allowed to travel.”

“The second is medium-risk nations to which only a limited category of citizens are allowed to travel to in case of emergency, namely for necessary medical reasons, visiting first-degree family members, or for military, diplomatic and official missions. The third are high-risk countries to which travel is categorically banned,” he explained.

Dr Saif also shared the prerequisites and precautionary measures each traveller must meet in order to travel abroad.

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In order to travel overseas, you must:

  • Apply for a travel request through the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity’s website and register in the Twajudi service prior to travel
  • Undergo a Covid-19 test before travel, no more than 48 hours before departure – you’ll only be allowed to travel if you get a negative result
  • Download the Alhosn app
  • Be under the age of 70, and free from chronic disease
  • Have a temperature under 37.8°C, and not have any respiratory symptoms
  • Have international travel insurance that covers your destination
  • Comply with preventative measures at the airports, including wearing a face mask and gloves
  • Fill in the individual health accountability form, and not go to any destinations other than the ones you’ve applied for

Upon your return to the UAE, you must:

  • Agree to go into 14-day quarantine upon return, either in your home or a designated hotel, at your own expense. You can find a list of approved hotels here.
  • Your quarantine may be reduced to seven days, if you’ve travelled to a low-risk destination
  • Undergo a Covid-19 test within 48 hours if you are showing symptoms
  • Keep the Alhosn app activated

We’re all keen to see that list of low-risk destinations, so as soon as the categories are announced we’ll be sure to update you.

Image: Unsplash