Following the announcement that all UAE residents should download the ALHOSN UAE app, here’s a quick guide on what it is and how to download it…

The ALHOSN UAE app uses a type of smart technology called contact tracing via an individual’s smart phone device. The app uses your phone’s bluetooth signal to detect who else you’ve come into close contact with.

This helps determine the spread of coronavirus as anyone who becomes infected with it can provide a list of others they might have infected. The ALHOSN UAE app was developed by the Dubai Health Authority and UAE government to curb the spread of the virus in the UAE.

In a recent announcement, government officials stated that all UAE residents should download the app, and those who have the virus and don’t download it could be subject to a Dhs10,000 fine. Downloading the app is simple and free, and can be done on any smart phone device.

ALHOSN UAE app is available to download from the Apple Store, Huawei AppGallery or Google Play Store. Once downloaded you’ll need to register your details, then you’ll be given an individual QR code.

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A colour coding system within the app shows your individual level of health, from green to red. Once you’ve been tested, you’ll be marked as grey, meaning you haven’t been tested yet or your results are pending. A green result means you’re negative and red means you’re positive. If you get an amber status, the system requires you to go for a coronavirus test.

The QR code will be refreshed every two minutes to verify that you are free from coronavirus. The code can then be scanned so that you have peace of mind of your health status and can safely meet others in public places.

The ALHOSN website states that everyone in the UAE must have an account. Children, the elderly and persons of determination should all have accounts, which can be linked to their caregiver’s phone if required.

To download the app you will need an internet connection. After which you won’t need internet for the app to work but your bluetooth must be switched on when out in public.