It’s set to return by the end of the year…

The latest Emirates Loto draw was supposed to take place at 9pm last night, Saturday July 18, but we learned that due to required “system updates” to enhance customer experiences, that draw and all future draws until further notice, will be put on hold.

The Loto was, of course, the region’s first fully digital collectables scheme with optional free entry to a weekly draw. The rollover jackpot had been sitting at a huge Dhs50 million.

A message on the website reads:

“We are temporarily pausing the sale of our Collectables and our weekly draws as we are currently undergoing a planned system upgrade.

We are also excited to confirm that we will be back soon with a fun and exciting player experience.

A go-live date will be announced soon”

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What to do if you bought a collectable for the postponed draw on July 18

The process for obtaining a refund for your collectable is simple. Customers are directed to call the helpline on 800 5825 or send an email to who, after verifying your claim, will start the procedure on your behalf.

Those with unclaimed prizes from earlier draws should also call or email the customer support services.

The prize for matching three numbers in a draw, is a free entry into an upcoming draw. Emirates Loto has confirmed that these prizes will still be honoured for when the Loto returns later this year.

Why have they ‘temporarily paused’ the loto?

The official statement from company explains “Emirates Loto is pausing its operations due to upgrades to its platform, as part of our development plans to provide fun and exciting experiences to our customers”.

When will Emirates Loto return

There is no precise confirmed date as yet, but Emirates Loto have said the service will “return later this year (by Q4 2020)”.

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