The first draw will take place on Saturday April 18…

Emirates Loto is giving residents the chance to win weekly prizes of up to Dhs35 million by purchasing collectables, priced at Dhs35 each. Collectables can be purchased online or in retail stores across the UAE, however there is a delivery fee when ordering your collectable online.

Once you register your collectables card, this will enter you into the weekly draw. Each card will allow you to register a unique six-digit number which will need to match with that of the draw to win. Three number matches will win you one free entry, four numbers will win you Dhs300, five numbers will win you up to Dhs10 million and all six numbers will win you up to Dhs35 million.

If multiple people match five and six numbers, the prize money will be split between the winners.

A collectable must be purchased and you cannot pay simply to enter the draw. Emirates Loto states on its website: ‘As per the Islamic Fatwa and Sharia principles, there needs to be an exchange of value. You can buy the Collectable for collection purposes only and decline the option to enter the free entry to the draw.’

Collectables feature many of the country’s famous landmarks, hence the ability to ‘collect’ the different cards. The collectables are available to purchase online, at all Choithram’s UAE stores, and a number of other retail outlets.

You can pick your own numbers, or choose the random generator to select six numbers for you. The numbers must be unique, and fall between one and 49. You can also save your favourite numbers when you register.